Life and Other Transient Storms

Susana Santos Silva  trumpet/flugel
Lotte Anker  tenor/sop Sax
Sten Sandell  piano
Torbjörn Zetterberg  double bass
Jon Fält  drums

In the last years Susana Santos Silva has been considered by the international press as one of the strongest emerging voices in contemporary jazz and improvised music. This incredibly versed trumpet player has developed a language of her own, as she has been interested in stretching the boundaries of the instrument and in exploring new ways of expression within music.
For Life and Other Transient Storms she invited Lotte Anker, Sten Sandell, Torbjörn Zetterberg and Jon Fält, each of them extraordinaire and unique musicians, that play with strong intent and urgency.
The music that comes out of this gathering is relentlessly energetic and explosive but also spacious and beautifully ethereal at times. The chemistry between the musicians tells the story. A story of Impermanence.

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11.12.20    FRIM Stockholm SE
04.07.19   Südtirol Jazz Festival | Alto Adige IT
12.01.18    AMR Genéve CH
08.02.18    Fasching Stockholm SE
09.02.18    Bimhuis Amsterdam NL
10.02.18    Koncertkirken Copenhagen DK
10.03.18    Artacts St. Johann in Tirol AU
12.03.18    Stadtgarten Cologne DE
27.04.17     Umeå Jazz Studion Umeå SE
02.05.17     VictoriaTeatern Malmö SE
05.05.17     Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene Oslo NO
21.07.17     Konfrontationen Nikelsdorf AU
01.08.17    Jazz em Agosto Lisbon PT
12.11.17     Jazz Jantar Gdańsk PO
28.08.16    Saalfelden Jazz Festival AU
01.11.15     Tampere Jazz Happening FIN

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