Susana Santos Silva  compositions / trumpet / flugel
João Pedro Brandão  alto sax / flute
Hugo Raro  piano
Torbjörn Zetterberg  double bass
Marcos Cavaleiro  drums
Maile Colbert  field recordings (1/8)

In music, as in life, the impermanence of things is the only truth that feeds the development and creativity of our existence. The existence of everything after all.
When we realize what something is, that something is no longer the same. Or is it us looking at it in a different way? This is then the reason why this music recreates and transforms itself at every moment and never repeats itself.

Na música, como na vida, a impermanência das coisas é a única verdade que alimenta o desenvolvimento e a criatividade da nossa existência. Da existência de tudo afinal. Quando nos apercebemos daquilo que uma coisa é, esta já não o é da mesma forma. Ou somos nós que olhamos para ela de outra maneira. Esta é então a razão pela qual esta música se recria e se transforma a cada momento e nunca se repete.



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All About Jazz Henning Bolte 10/18
Trumpeter Susana Santos Silva performed with her unit Impermanence, eponymous with the first album released with the configuration. It is the most Portuguese group of Santos’ many groups (see here) in terms of participating musicians. All musicians were from Portugal except bassist Torbjorn Zetterberg

Torbjorn Zetterberg
bass, acoustic

” data-original-title=””>Torbjorn Zetterberg, long-term musical partner from Stockholm. The group comprised Joao Pedro Brandao

Joao Pedro Brandao